Giovanni Aliotta represents the fourth generation of a family that works in the field of precious since 1920. In 1991 he opened in Italy the GIOVANNI ALIOTTA GALLERY, study of design and jeweler.

Always close to the art world, has opened its first showroom in 1997, with Inge Manzù, heir’s artistic Giacomo Manzù.
In 1999 he received the “National Prize Rapp 98”, such as “Young Goldsmith of the Year.”
Fascinated by the world of pearls, he participate in the last decade at the prestigious biennial International Tahitian Pearl Trophy, being awarded in all editions. Sliding, BoraBora, Rollingold, Blackfire and Night of Stars are awarded by the jewelry he designed and made that GIOVANNI ALIOTTA GALLERY clipped to a place of respect in the world of jewelry and design.

Involved in the art world since 2010 makes a hobby sculpture-jewel “Lucidoro”, which received positive reviews in various national newspapers, and “Angels’ Plats” who dedicates and gives his friend and well-known international designer Piero Guidi.

Expert in diamonds, graduated from the GIA – Gemological Institute of America, Giovanni Aliotta   was been Member of Council in Italian Gemological Institute, with a well-established technical and organizational experience in the field of vocational training.

Giovanni Aliotta personally takes care of the planning, design and production of jewelry and luxury goods bearing his mark, also doing business of art direction and production expertise also of other companies.