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3rd Prize Brooch Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italia 2001-2002

SLIDING is an elegant and essential brooch in 18kt white and yellow gold, with natural and fancy color Diamonds and cultured Tahitian Pearl.

2nd Prize Jewellery-Accessory Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italia 2003-2004

ROLLINGOLD is Jewellery-Accessory in 18kt yellow and white gold, with natural and fancy color Diamonds and cultured Tahitian Pearls.

ROLLINGOLD tah 2003-04_res
"Bora Bora" 2nd prize "Tahitian Pearl Trophy 2003-2004"

2nd Prize Earrings Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italy 2003-2004

Earrings made in white gold and yellow gold, with diamonds and Tahitian pearls round in shape and different shades.

A lovely island,
impossible dream
of an imaginary paradise
where palm trees caress the wind,
touch and
don’t touch it,
and the wind is running free,
curving their sinuous forms
in an endless dance.


Giovanni Aliotta

1st Prize Brooch Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italy 2005

3rd Prize Brooch Tahitian Pearl Trophy International 2006 World Finals

This jewel is realized in white gold with diamonds brilliant cut and rose saphires. The brooch has five cultured tahitian pearls selected on different color and size.


The Midnight Sun, short and intense,
embraces a leaf, cold and still,
precious as doesn’t know it to be.

Berries, frozen and lifeless,
are there, waiting for that sun magic
dissolve their by a spell.

The sun touches their,

and they will inflame,
fascinating and iridescent.

Pearls, full of a feeling
which are not able to contain,
hot where they stand.

The leaf of ice and diamonds,
upset and twisted,
by flaming pearls,
bends gentle to the rose surface,
hot and hot.

The ice melts and gives way
the sinuous forms of a timeless beauty.

Giovanni Aliotta

"BlackFire" the Winner "Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italia 2005" and 3rd prize World Final "Tahitian Pearl Trophy International 2006"

Tahitian Pearl Trophy International 2006

In the splendid Grand Hotel Savoia in Milan, has made the World Award Finalists the Tahitian Pearl Trophy International 2006, which saw Giovanni Aliotta, along with Silvia Grassi (Damiani) and Mrs Repossi, only Italians among the thirty finalists from 35 countries around the world. The awards, given by Tarita Brando, Marlon Brando’s wife and godmother of the important event, were presented at a Gala Dinner that preceded the exhibition to Aquarium of Milan.

In photo, Giovanni Aliotta receives the award from Tarita Brando.

2nd Prize Bracelet Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italy 2007-2008

Bracelet- sculpture made of plexiglass and gold , with diamonds and a rare selection of pearls of Tahiti harmoniously envelops the wrist of a woman which touches us in a caress, unique and unforgettable. An emotional moment , the beginning of something special that we would like to stop in an endless night, romantic of stars.

Night of Stars

A theatre sky, a stage of stars ,
a valuable curtain, hidden pearls …

they sing, dance, shining on a stage
stars of women with fugitive eyes,

sing, sparkle, we steal the heart,

between meteors and comets ,
somebody stops, looking for love ,

…we look, we admire,
we wonder,
among them there is the only star we love.
Giovanni Aliotta

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