La Riva art

La Riva art
La riva

“La Riva” is a sculpture made in plexiglass, natural Aquamarines and Diamonds, on lava stone. This work of art was published on “Nuova Arte by Mondadori – Italy”, with critique by Prof.ssa Giulia Sillato.


Encroaches look
from distant land,
waves of pearl
but not broken.

Thoughts sunk
in words never said,
split the heart
without noise.

And within us
a silent force
love and sea
ever increasing.

Suddenly the breeze
caresses the face
when we see the bank from the sea.

Giovanni Aliotta

“The sculpture “La Riva” is a elegant and sophisticated view of the relationship between the beach and the sea, where it surpasses one o’clock the other moves back. This dynamic is expressed by subtle graphic patterns engraved on the underside of the platform in plexiglass. Tradition and modernity are the cornerstones of Giovanni Aliotta’s style.”

Prof.ssa Giulia Sillato


Size: lavastone and plexiglass-block cm. 37 x 40 x 4.5 (about) and small feet in natural aquamarines with four small diamonds.

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