All of the creations you see on this website are designed and planned by us, in a limited series or unique pieces.

Our jewellery and designs can be purchased, subject to availability from our workshops, or specially commissioned upon request, also with gems and materials that you supply.

We are at your disposal, if you contact us we will send you sketches and related estimates.

We also work on behalf of companies creating jewellery collections and also with, thanks to our experience in the art world, the production and personalization of luxury items and furnishings. We also assist our clients in private consultations of precious objects owned by them, the estimated commercial gemmological analysis, providing comprehensive advice through a personal experience by Giovanni Aliotta


Art is the interior expression of each of us that manifests itself beyond the words and gestures.

My family has worked in the world of jewellery from the beginning of the last century and I have lived always designing jewellery for the ancient noble families who relied on our good name.

In my drawings I built my philosophy, my way of thinking and the soul of my jewels speak to me, integrating them into the personality of the women whom they are intended for.

My creations are made to live forever, to be handed down to future generations, witnesses of taste, sobriety and class that reflect our families.

They become such important moments in our lives that we stop symbolically, making us even in the most romantic and sentimental.

The artistic value, reinforced by the international awards that I have received over the last decade, it preserves the investment, combined with the pleasure of owning and collecting unique and exclusive objects of art.

Giovanni Aliotta